Recaro Orthopaedic seats

Recaro Trend

We offer the full line of Recaro orthopaedic seats. An vast improvement over the stock "rural" seats in Defenders or the Discovery seats that are just too short and to hard in the wrong places.

Recaro seats are made in Germany and equip expensive limousines and sport cars for many years. Remember those Ford Capris with the meshed headrests? Those were Recaros too -but the cheapest models.

Those seats are top-of-the-line products and priced accordingly.

Recaro Style

Prices: (Divide by 20 for DM, by 36.5 for US-$, by 24.5 for Can-$, by 5.9 for FF and by 60 for GB-)

Trend = 32.563.- FLux

Trend with additional options (Ventilated Back, Heating, Electric adjustable) = 43.616.- FLux

Style = 37.300.- FLux

Style with additional options (Ventilated Back, Heating, Electric adjustable) = 48.350.- FLux

Sport (more traditional with higher sides but harder to get in and out) = 34.750.- FLux

Sport with additional options (Ventilated Back, Heating, Electric adjustable) = 45.800.- FLux

From left: n-joy, ergomed, orthopäd, variomed

Ergomed d = 44.800.-FLux

Ergomed d-klima (ventilated back, heating, electric adjust) = 54.750.-FLux

Ergomed ds (electric back and height adjustment) = 59.800.-FLux

Ergomed ds-klima (as ds but with ventilated back and heating) = 69.700.-FLux

Ergomed dse (top of the line, everything electric) = 106.400.-FLux


Headrests: 2.210.- FLux

Armrests: 4.900.- FLux


Optional you can get them in leather at about an additional 25.000.- FLux per seat.


Prices for these seats seem quite steep at the first glance but believe us, they are worth every Penny. The writer of this had always problems with his back but decided some 10 years ago to mount his first Recaro. From then on the problems were gone but he still has the first seat.

If you have really problems with your back, Recaro makes seats custom tailored to your body. For this you have to sit for a couple of minutes in an special seat and your back is measured with a dozen dial gauges. Some 3 weeks later you'll get your tailor-made seat. Of course this seat is still fully adjustable.

Every single part can be exchanged, even the foam cushions. Many finishings available ranging from cloth to leather. Almost every interior color can be matched. Great fit on Range Rovers and Discoveries. Basic models come with fold-forward back, headrest and extensible leg support, all manual. More expensive one's come with a multitude of adjustments, kidney support inflatable bags, heating, inclining and height adjustment, all manually or electric.


For Defenders you don't need additional bases. You just have to cut 4 small strips off an 2"x2" iron L-channel. This is the ideal height for mounting directly to the stock mounting points.




Also available from another supplier is an forward facing rear seat conversion for 90's. Made with 2 Recaro seats and special brackets and footwells. Not cheap but way better than the standard solution- and crashproof. Allows serious safety belts to be used.


For our friends running on a budget:


Sometimes you can buy those seats from a wrecking yard. They were fitted to a couple of sports cars as Capris and Mantas. Even some 205's had them. Worth checking out. Almost always the drivers seat is in worse condition on these. Try to locate 2 passenger seats- they will fit. Those seats sell for 1.500 to 5.000.- FLux depending on condition. Even if you can get all parts try to find some with undamaged cloth. There were so many designs especially on those OEM-equipped cars it may be difficult to order the right one. Also for those seats you have to buy replacement cloth direct from the cars' dealer of the make the seat came out.


Also beware of crashed cars as the seats my be cracked even if this is unlikely. Make sure the mounting brakets on the base are still straight or you will not be able to fit them. The cloth can be removed by carefully opening the wire brackets. Refitting is much more difficult especially on the back, so better leave it in place. Beware of glass covered seats- you will have a hell of a time to get those tiny bits out. And you'll find many of them even after a long time.


On Defenders they fit but it's a tight fit. If you have the genuine large box between the front seats mount them as near as possible to the box. This will just clear the door with about half an inch to spare each side.